Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB

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1264.8 SAR
GPU Length (mm) 450 mm, PSU Length (mm) 225 mm, CPU Cooler Height (mm) 190 mm, Expansion Slots 8 vertical + 3 horizontal, Case Drive Bays (x6) 3.5in (x3) 2.5in

With the release of Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB white, your PC can perform to its highest extent.

One of the most feature-rich full-towers on the market, the iCUE 7000X RGB has a lot of room for development.
Even in circumstances this significant, it's the simple things that count the most. Every component of the 7000 Series enables you to realize your most ambitious construction, from variable cooling and storage options to tool-free swing-out side panels and tidy cable management, creating an immersive ecosystem with simple control.

Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB ATX Full Tower Case Features

Fantastic features that treat artists and gamers equally distinguish this premium processor that was developed exclusively for you.
Your complete setup is brought together by the CORSAIR iCUE software, which creates an intuitive ecology that is totally immersive.
  • CORSAIR's iCUE Next-Generation Software.
  • iCUE smart lighting control Making your most ambitious build a reality is made easier by series.
  • The greatest smart case technology available.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Expandable RGB LED Lighting PRO kits.
  • Three simultaneous 360mm radiators.
  • An easily concealed steel door with hinges.
  • Customizable RGB lighting.
In order to persist, these qualities are unique. There is a fix for one of your issues in each of its acts.

Your PC needs to possess the required qualities and capabilities in order to run them. If these levels decrease, your system's connectivity will suffer. No more sloppy work.

For up to six fans, the COMMANDER CORE offers more than just a lighting and fan controller. It can be improved to track temps. Feel the crowd clapping, the engine revving, and your machine screaming as you take the lead.
Providing a complete view of your system are three robust 4mm thick tempered glass panels. The brain of your system is exposed by a detachable, resizable windowed PSU shroud. Make your setup stand out by removing the panel, adding vinyl graphics, creating your own laser-engraved logo, or using lights.

Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB ATX Full Tower Case Gallery

To have a trendy appearance and the ability to fulfill all of your desires.
With a generous 25mm of space beneath the motherboard for all of your wires, you can quickly and conveniently route all of your key cables into a single hidden channel.

Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB ATX Full Tower Case Specs

A wonder that perfectly captures all aspects of the modern gaming period was produced by the specifications themselves.
Routing your key wires through a single concealed channel is quick and simple. It has space for up to three 360mm radiators to be used at once, hidden cable management, and four included CORSAIR SP140 RGB ELITE fans. a clearly defined "keep-out-zone" makes it safe and possible with a flawless fit.
Maximum GPU Length (mm) 450 mm
Maximum PSU Length (mm) 225 mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height (mm) 190 mm
Expansion Slots 8 vertical + 3 horizontal
Case Drive Bays (x6) 3.5in (x3) 2.5in
Form Factor FULL TOWER
Case Windowed Tempered Glass
Case Warranty 2 Year
Radiator Compatibility 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm
Case Front IO (4x) USB 3.0, (1x) USB 3.1 Type C, (1x) Audio in/out
Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers H55, H60, H75, H80i, H90, H100i, H105, H110i, H115i, H150i, H170i
Case Power Supply ATX
Weight 19.8
Height (mm) 600 mm
Length (mm) 550 mm
Width (mm) 248 mm

Buy Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB ATX Full Tower Case in Riyadh

Keep a positive attitude and let despair go. Everything on your wish list will be done.

With enough capacity for airflow, it is spacious enough to accommodate today's most potent graphics cards. Your system's brain is exposed by a detachable, reversible windowed PSU shroud. Taking off the panel and adding vinyl graphics.

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Both questions and knowledge have no beginning or end. But first, some inquiries and responses about the Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB in the Riyadh.
Do Corsair 7000X motherboards support EATX?
E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboard support 8 + 3 expansion slots. Three 140mm front intake and one 140mm rear exhaust SP RGB Elite fans are included.
RGB controller is included with Corsair cases?
Special hardware is built into Corsair smart cases so that they can work with our iCUE software.
Is Corsair 7000X airflow good?
The 7000X Airflow looks excellent with its clean, straight, and flat design that allows for easy assembly and installation.
Which fans are included with the Corsair 7000X?
The CORSAIR iCUE 7000X RGB full-tower ATX case displays your build behind three tempered glass panels, has space for up to three 360mm radiators to run simultaneously, has hidden wire management, and comes with four CORSAIR SP140 RGB ELITE fans.
How much is the best price of the Corsair ICUE 7000X RGB ATX Full Tower Case in Riyadh?
EMI Starts from 105.3966 SAR/m 12 Months or 1264.8 SAR.

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